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Be The Connected

When we find that one thing we have in common, we can change the world.

Why we need it

  • We’re feeling more alone than ever—despite the promise of social media to connect us
  • We want to feel more connected to others; to rediscover the joy of the internet.

How BTC does it

  • The exploration of common ground with others—finding value in our differences.
  • Conversations and articles discussing what matters to us—without any political or religious interference.

What you can do

Be the Change. Be the Connected.

What if, regardless of our religious, cultural, and political beliefs, we had that one single thing in common that connects us? And, if we did have that connection, we could use that as a starting block to find other things we have in common and, by doing so, realize we’re not that different after all?

Be the Connected

Start the Change Now

It’s time to find that one connection. It’s time to be that change. It’s time to Be the Connected.

The world doesn’t need to be as divided as it is. We don’t need to be as divided as we are. We can be so much more than the sum of our “differences”. When it comes to connection, changing mindsets, and being a positive influence on the world, we’re the decision-makers. Let’s not waste that privilege.

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When we realize we’re not that different from each other, we can truly start to change the world for the better, as one connected entity. Ready to be the change?

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